The Dive

The Dive is a piece of music I wrote a while ago on my M-Audio Venom synthesizer. I used a new DAW that I had a just purchased, Ableton Live, which maybe was the best investment of my life. I’m still working my way around the program and it’s functionality is brilliant. But anyway- this article is certainly not about my audio rig.

My goal was to experiment with the texture of the tone I was using, and let the harmony work itself out. It was a new approach for me and certainly brought me to some interesting insights. Recently I’ve done more meditation, and I’ve explored meditative concepts in my music. For this song, because it’s entirely improvised, I focused on staying present but also tried to take the music places- and the result was ¬†quite surprising, actually. The song demonstrates how many of my meditational sessions go. There’s always a period where my thoughts pervade my mind, but as soon as I let go of them, I ‘dive’ underneath the clouds of the mind and drift in the sea of empty bliss. I believe that’s the story of this song- it’s a simple, but profound concept.

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One Comment

  1. Garrett says:

    Wow… It really is quite interesting how that turned out! I like it a lot, very ethereal and floaty and yet grounded in that harshness. Like an auditory reminder that no matter how far we float away, there’s always this hard physical plane to return to. I don’t know if that’s what you were going for, but each vibe of intent felt that way to me. Like, you were able to let go but you are still intimately connected with your physical body, from which the spirit springs eternal.

    Very nice work! ^_^